Self Guided Walking Tours

Our self guided walking tours give you the freedom to hike at your own pace while enjoying special places to stay each evening. Each day we arrange luggage transfers between your guest houses and provide you with the latest walking notes and maps for your route. We meet you at the airport or train station on your arrival and bring you to your first guest house.

All breakfasts and packed lunches are included as well as dinner when there is no local option. We provide you with a local mobile phone with the best coverage in the mountains and also provide you with backup and support whenever you need it. We take great pride in ensuring that you go home having experienced the best that Ireland has to offer.

You can choose from 23 different self guided walking holidays based along the Wicklow, Kerry and Dingle Ways. Our Kerry and Dingle Way holidays are based in the South West of Ireland. While the Wicklow mountains are an hour south of Dublin in the east of the country. We also have one self guided walking holiday on the beautiful Spanish Island of Mallorca.

Click on any of our walking tours listed below for further details.

Wicklow Way Walking Tours
Wicklow Way Four Days45km1250mModerate
Wicklow Way Five Days59km1700mModerate
Wicklow Way Six Days76km2050mModerate
Wicklow Way One Week88Km2250mModerate
Wicklow Way Nine Days133km3300mModerate
Dingle Way Walking Tours
Dingle Way Four Days58km570mEasy Mode
Dingle Way Five Days88km1280mModerate
Dingle Way One Week124km1970mModerate
Dingle Way Eight Days144km1990mModerate
Dingle Way Nine Days162km2180mModerate
Dingle Way Ten Days172km2200mModerate
Kerry Way Mountaineer Walking Tours
Kerry Way Mountaineer – Five Days77km1010mChallenging
Kerry Way Mountaineer – Six Days108km1410mChallenging
Kerry Way Mountaineer – Seven Days141km2170mChallenging
Kerry Way Mountaineer – Nine Days172km2900mChallenging
Kerry Way Mountaineer – Ten Days202km3410mChallenging
Kerry Way Mountaineer – Eleven Days226km3990mChallenging
Kerry Way Rambler Walking Tours
Kerry Way Rambler – Five Days66km980mModerate
Kerry Way Rambler – Six Days76km1000mModerate
Kerry Way Rambler – Eight Days110km1710mModerate
Kerry Way Rambler – Ten Days135km2450mModerate
Kerry Way Rambler – Twelve Days166km3180mModerate
Kerry Way Rambler – Fourteen Days196km3880mModerate
Mallorca Walking Tours
Beautiful Villages of Mallorca70km2740mChallenging

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